Did all you buns know, the treats we use in our Carrot Crates

are now only the good stuff!
We use only handmade, lovingly made treats from independent

businesses from all over the place 🌍

Made with natural ingredients by bunny owners, made to order.

Our bunny approval is not just from us - but from the bunnys who's

hoomans slave away making those yummy treats.


- Bugsy & Bella

















CEO - Carrot Eliminator Official

Bugsy here is the big boss. The humans think they run the show, but really he is the brains of the business. Being our oldest employee at almost 8 years old, he comes with a lot of experience.

From his job role title, you can tell he doesn't mess about when carrots are around... or any other food for that matter.


Purchasing Manager

Bella is our newest team member, recently rescued and married to the big boss (the hairy orange one).

Her main job is to boss Bugsy around, but she also chooses the best products to use in the Carrot Crates each month and occasionaly (everytime) taste tests the delicious looking products just to make sure they taste the best!

The Human

Founder of Carrot Crate (But mainly a rabbit parent)

This is Olivia, she is the one who came up with Carrot Crate and decided to share all the delicous treats and toys with all the other bunnies out there.

Now she thinks she runs the show, but we all know the only thing she really does is give AMAZING nose rubs, and is very good at providing food when we are too busy to grab lunch.

She is also the one who is on that computer device alot talking to you all, seen as the only thing we use that thing for is snacking on the wires.