Hay is boring...Help?

Hello Everybun and hooman!

We have had the same question floating round recently so we though we would make a nice blog post to make it easier to answer everybody. The question is, why won't my rabbit eat hay? Below are a few pointers and advice that might kick start that hay munching, or at least push your bun more towards it...

One of the first mistakes some people make is making pellets a rabbits main food source in their diet. If you leave them with a really big bowl of pellets to eat all day, hay is not going to be looking so appetising when their other choice is a yummy bowl of food right there to munch on. The pellets only make up 5% of their diet. With our rabbit, we give her a couple of small handfuls of Excel Nuggets on a morning for breakfast...

[ which she very much looks forward too, so much that she wakes us up bang on time ]

...and then for the rest of the day she munches on the fresh hay we have put out for her that morning too. Once they realise that the hay is there all day, instead of the pellets, they will adapt to eating it.

Another option is adding hay in to their litter. Or if you don't use a litter then add it to where they like to lay the most. Rabbits like to munch whilst they use the toilet, delicious multi tasking! Always make sure you top up their litter with fresh hay everyday, and changing it every few days to keep it clean for them.

You can also mix 'treats' or a couple pellets into their hay to encourage foraging. Here at Carrot Crate we sell a meadow mix just for this kind of thing, which is a natural blend of grass, flowers, plants etc. This is specifically made to encourage such things, as you add it to their hay.

Also make sure the hay you are giving them is really fresh. Some brands of hay come scented/flavoured, maybe they don't like the taste? There is plenty of variety for you to try to see what your bun likes.

Thank you for reading!

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