Summer Bunny

Hello Everybun and hooman!

For all those buns in the UK at the moment, you know there is a nice heat wave going on. And as much as us hooms love those rare sunny weeks, we need to make sure our fluffy friends are safe and happy during the long, hot days.

Below is a list of tips to help you keep those fluffs cool on hot days:

IMAGE: @a_bunny_named_barnaby

  • If you have an outdoor rabbit, make sure their hutch and run is in the shade and not in direct sunlight. Rabbits can over heat in the sun and this could result in heat stroke. How to know this has happened? Signs of heat stroke include unresponsiveness, being uncoordinated and convulsions. If you suspect heat stroke, dampen your pets ears and body with cool water, but DO NOT submerge them in cold water as this can cause shock.GET HIM TO YOUR VETERINARIAN OR EMERGENCY CLINIC IMMEDIATELY!

  • We have a house fan turned on at the moment in our bedroom. Our house bun loves to lay on the bed in the direction of the fan to keep cool. If this is possible to you I would recommend, just make sure it is out of reach but still at a height they can get hit with the cool air.

  • Always make sure they have fresh, cold water available. We add a couple of ice cubes to the dish too, which helps it to stay nice and cool.

  • As a nice treat, you can also add some fruit to your ice cube trays. Things like raspberries, blueberries, bananas work well for this. This will be a nice treat for your fluffs as well as keep them cool.

  • Wrapping an ice block in a towel and letting them lay on it is also a good way to cool them down. Never put your rabbit directly into water! This will cause them to panic, and they may even go into shock from it. You can also buy self-cooling matts that can be used in hutches to help lower the temperature.

  • If you have a big fluffy rabbit, why not give them a slight trip or brush. Excess hair can cause them to be hotter than they need to be.

  • If they allow it, why not dampen the ends of they're ears with a clothes, or using a cool mist of water to cool them down. They lose heat through their ears so this will speed up the cooling process.

We hope some of these points will help keep your bunnies cool. Please keep an eye on them in this heat, and keep them in the shade if outdoors.

Thank you for reading!

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