What is Carrot Crate?

Updated: Apr 24

Hello Everybun and hooman!

Carrot Crate is a very small, family run business based in the UK. We started our bunny venture in Spring 2018 with the aim to provide bunnies with safe and handmade products from all over the place.

Starting out we took to selling subscription boxes. This was such a great thing as we had the chance to work with so many small, but amazing companies all over the world. And better yet, we were able to share them with all of our customers.

Our main goal was to provide our fluffy customers with handmade, safe, and tested toys and treats. The people we worked with had their own pets and really put all the time and effort into creating their brilliant products. This gave us a nice unique subscription box that allowed you to try fresh new items either from a family run business in the USA, or a local small run company in a small town in the UK.

Our favourite part of the month was seeing all your lovely photos. Seeing your buns munching into their Carrot Crates to see what scrummy smells and toys were inside was so exciting. Thank you all again to our lovely customers!

Moving forward to 2020, we have decided to approach Carrot Crate with a new fresh look.

A new logo to start, with it having three of our buns combined!

[Bugsys orange fluff, Bella and Lilys wonky ears]

And this is where we are now. Growing more excited to share our new range of treats with you all very soon! Bella is loving the testing of our treats, as you can imagine, and we can't wait to see your fluffs loving them too.