These yummy, chinnable treats are freshly made to order for your small furry friends. Made with three simple ingredients making them a super safe treat, no hidden unnecessary ingredients! We recommend 1-2 pieces per day, in addition to a healthy diet.


Each treat is handmade with care, but all treats will not look exactly the same and may have some imperfections. But they still taste just as yummy!


These are suitable for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs.


My order:

Each Bella Goes Bananas pouch comes with an average of 16 ball treats, and 8 slices of dried banana - lots of yummy goodness to keep your pets hoppy!



Bananas, Raspberries, Oats and additional dried banana.



Orders can take up to 5 days, with us needing 2 days for baking and packing. Postage may be longer if outside the UK.


Bella Goes Bananas - Treats + Dried banana!