Gym bunnies barbell toy.


The barbell throw is made from all natural products. Consisting of willow branches, twine string, untreated wood and cardboard. THE WOODEN BALL MAY OR MAY NOT BE INCLUDED AS THE PRODUCT IS CHANGING. Making it a safe product for pets! This is suitable for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs.


Please keep an eye on your pet when they are chewing the product and remove from them if you have a concern. Do not let them consume a large quantity if chewing.


The product may not look exactly like the photo as each toy is handmade.



Average 4-5inches. Natural product so size may vary.



Orders are sent out next working day, unless you have also ordered treats. Treats take up to 2 days to bake, so up to 5 days to post out. Postage may be longer if outside the UK.



Gym Bunny: Barbell